Apps review

For this week , I will be reviewing 2 applications , that can be considered as creative publishing platforms.

The first is Instagram.Instagram was first created as a personal platform for people to publish and share their personal lives through photos and videos. Since 2009, Instagram has done an  interesting variety of upgrades.  Instagram is one of the most preferable social media platform for people to advertise their businesses ,share personal stuff, because of the undeniable opportunity of the application.For example for me ,  I have a personal portfolio on instagram and its great, because i think it’s the best platform.I also think  for designers to publish their work is also a great opportunity and tool to use because i feel like that’s how designers know each other . They share their work get known and other designers get to follow them.I also think instagram is not only a platform to share stuff and get followers, i think its an education platform.I follow graphic designers and i learn from them through their screen record of a demonstration of an illustration trick.  Instagram now has also a new  story feature and now with the new update you can make reels which gets more views than posting normal posts or posting on stories. I think instagram is a great source to share memorable moments with enhancing effects and gifs.

Linkedin is my favorite 2nd platform.I was able to get the opportunity to use this networking app from this class.This is a great networking app  for sharing work getting  professional feedback. Since the whole world now is essentially virtually communicative with each other but i feel like people like me and classmates don’t usually like to critique my work but on linkedin there is always fellow designers and artists that are willing to view and comment on my work. I  find it a great platform also for work digging for job search.  Another feature i appreciate about Linkedin is the option to network for  available to certain professionals in the field . It’s a good application for people like myself  to  network who want to learn and improve themselves.

Gordon Parks exhibit 9th blog

Mome is the Museum of  modern art located at  11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019.It plays a major role in developing and collecting modern art, and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. This is an online exhibit. In this exhibit it show cases all Gordon Parks photographs. 

Gordon Parks Born in 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas, Parks was the youngest of 15 children in a family deeply affected by the racial terror used to enforce Jim Crow segregation. When Parks lost his mother at 15, he moved from his small Kansas town to St. Paul, Minnesota, to live with his sister. He was exposed to both urban and rural poverty and the racial hierarchies of the South and North.

Gordon Parks this photography developed words and a surrounding of the environment his virtualizing. He is addressing public, because the public that life is addressing is narrow. Parks also faced discrimination. Parks was an extortionary  artist and activist. He made compiling photograph about subjects that really matter.

I choose to to discuss this photography taken by Gordon Parks in 1942 called Red Jackson .







This photo image was the first feature image for Goldon Parks in 1948 in a magazine called Life Magazine under the title called Harlem Gang Leader. He was the first black African American to the team. He used his Camera with confidence to draw attention. He addressed different important topics through his photos, like poverty, race and discrimination. In this photo you can feel that the man is in danger, worried. You can also see the feel of deepness and the face expression of the man. In my opinion this image is deep. It conveys lots of meaning. The choose of black and white , the tone. while looking at this photo , I could feel myself over there.

The second photograph that grabbed my attention. Is Gordon Parks the photo image name is “Harlem Gang war ” published by life magazine under the title name “Harlem Gang Leader,” . He proposed a story of the gang wars that were then consuming Harlem. Published in the November 1, 1948 . In this photography Parks uses his camera to share the  insider’s view of life in the neighborhood. Also in this  photography  he uses his vanishing point perspective ,using the boy . What grabs my attention is that the photo has visual language.

The 3rd photography I really really like is the Children with Doll, Washington, D.C. in 1942. This photography  reflects depth and range of the  work of Gordon parks by exploring  the impacts of systemic racism upon African. Parks created sensitive, memorable images to  covey the  right to free speech. I also see that this photograph reflects the meaning, of how the surround of the life’s  of African American where. Even though they faced racism and discrimination, but kids are kids playing . 

I like the virtual experience of show casing work in the Mome Exhibit. I like it because you can find more details about the work itself. Despite when your in person you can only find a sentence or 2 next to each work .I think this is a good experience for people to learn and see more work of famous people, and its also free. When we use to go in person we use to pay a free to scroll around the museum. I think the virtual is a better option ,in my opinion. What is good about it that its free so when i was doing my homework ,me and my mother were able to enjoy watch the exhibit  together. She really enjoyed and was fascinated by the photographs and how they conveyed lots of meaning and words.


The name of the event, the host for the event

Mary Jane Callister, an art director from the New York TImes.

• Type of event: panel, networking get-together, presentation or tutorial, etc.


• Topics covered,

How are grids and layout made for the new york times.

How to get an internship at the new york times.

• Was it interactive–was there a Q & A or breakout rooms, etc. Did you get to connect with attendees? Where they many attendees?

In this event, i was able to ask lots of question. There were lots of people.

What you learned & was there a follow-up email after the event from the hosts

This event was made by my publication design professor. The whole class was in that day. My professor  invited  Mary Jane Callister, we were able to ask to ask her lots of Questions. I learned from her presentation. I learned that every week they have a new illustrator.I learned how the layout is done. She also talked about internships.How to get one.She also gave feedbacks about what should be in our portfolio.She said even if  our portfolio is computerized,we should have a printed version too.She talked about AT HOME a new york time publication that is published every week.

• Your take/review of the event and how it compares with the previous event you attended.

This event was via zoom.My last event was online . i was not able to ask lots of question.In this event i really had the opportunity  to ask all the question that came to head.I really liked this event because i think that i learned a lot.

• Research one speaker or company or topic from the presentation and add information you learned from that research into your post

I searched publication of AT HOME by the New York Times, because when she showed us the covers. I was so interested with the rest of the covers and they are very interesting.This is the best one for my opinion it was done for mother’s day.I love it because it shows love and care for mothers.

Networking Event

This event was on SVA its a Series called Subway Serious. I watch  the series with  Kevin O’Callaghan. Kevin Chair of the 3D Design program in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department.Watching this event got me so excited. I never understood what 3d design is. This tutorial taught me alot.I gave me a clear understanding of what 3d design is.

Kevin O’Callaghan in this tutorial , he explains what 3d is .HOW he teaches students in his class to recycle.He also said something i really liked. He said that he teaches students to play with boxes instead of toys.From that recycle they bring out a design piece .They use it in a way that they can showcase it.

Gordon Parks

Godon parks was a civil rights photographer. He stood for African American RIGHT IN THE 2OTH CENTURY.He left behind an exceptional of work that documented  Americans life and culture ,with a focus on race relations, poverty, civil rights, and urban life.

Parks  developed his personal style that made him a celebrated photographers of his era. His extraordinary pictures allowed him to break the color line in professional photography while he created remarkably expressive images that explored the social and economic impact of poverty, racism, and other forms of discrimination.

I was lucky  to be provided a project about him in my  Design team class.I was the black history month .There was an exception about him in the grace gallery.For Design team we were assigned by my professor to make 3 ads using his photographies and quotes.While searching about him and knowing who he is. Something stood up to be that every photography of his ia a master piece.It shows how people were actually suffering.It conveys a message.When i look at the pictures i feel like the people in the picture are talking.One quote i really loved of his is this.“I chose my camera as a weapon against all the things I dislike about America – poverty, racism, discrimination.”. I feel that this quote is what he was using to convey and reflect through his images.


Ethical AIGA guide

Regarding the ethical guides, I have learned so far in my internship sited in the non profit organization Unity For Equality. In my internship, for example when we are assigned a project and this project will be visible to the pubic.My supervisor which is the founder of the organization, always  provides credit to sources we use. Like for example fonts, when we use them he always provides credit to the owner.Also since the internship is in a nonprofit, so it’s always get charity help from the sources.Also the images that are used in the organization project, before we use them there is always credit towards who owns them.Once when we were having a group meeting, and there were new people to the team.This project was an extend to a previous one. My supervisor introduced what the project is and  gave credit to the previous designers working on it .He also said good words about there design work.

Reading assigned:

In the reading assigned this week .I think that it’s a  very important topic that comes up in every day talks with designers in general .Or tbh with anyone. Picture imperfect – Digital image manipulation ethics. In the work filed i think it depends on the workplace and policies and the vibe of the workplace  and if it happens in a  known  industry.Then that workplace is losing their reputation  towards their competitors and they end up losing their reputation.

For my opinion, I see photo manipulation is something that happens everyday in our daily lives.YOU can be one ! I think that photo manipulating has it cons and pros.The cons that anyone or creatives can assign the work to themselves and be compared to the copycats. I also think its because photoshop is commonly used by many one, AND ANYONE CAN get the software. The pros is that if you wanna edit or do retouches in a picture you love.You will be apple too. we live in a life where everyone wants to look nice and beautiful.


First scenario

In this situation , i will be patient with the photographer.I will be also honest with the photographer about the budget and states that my budget does not afford get a new photographer or pay for extra photos. I will ask the photographer to retake the photos since they were bad in the beginning.In case the photographer does not agree ,i will offer him to retake 1 or 2 pictures but i will  provide the angles to take the Pictures so they could have a realistic feel.I will also ask him after to do some photoshop edits.Mainly in this situation i will do my best to try to get the most out of the photographer and the photos he will provide.

WEEK 5 I gotthe an interview .Now what?

I really learned alot from this article.Mainly I liked when they provided example of when you get the interview prepare and be less nervous ,because for me i am a very shy person and i get very uncomfortable.I also learned that when you prepare for the interview and jot down notes that a way that will help in stress free and will show the interviewer that i have confidence. I also liked in this article that it gives every single detail that helps get the job in the interview.”DON’T DRESS INAPPROPRIATE”I lOVE the example because it’s true when interviews dress interview they show carlessless ,and as in the example the employer will tend to put the comments on your cloth instead of your work!

Practice interviewing with a friend? This is a very helpful tip because i think in front of a friend you will be comfortable and wont say ums or like.I also see that’s a way that provides confidence .

Eliminate yourself. this tip is made for me because i prevent myself from applying to jobs because i see myself not applicable for the requirements ,but the tip states that interviewers should element themself.Cause you could always get other job positions in the same company


This week in my internship.I  had a zoom meeting with my supervisor  discussing what our next project will be. This was my first zoom meeting since i begin my internship.I had this meeting with one of college colleges too.My supervision gave use feedbacks about what and why we are doing.He is planning on extending the organization and doing chapters in different countries. For every country  The U for “unity” will stay the same because it’s the main hierarchy in the logo.And around the U will be the colors of each flag that represents the country.

I have choose 8 countries.One of these country is my country Egypt. I had so much fun with this projects . The project was basically to make the logo represent every  country ,so I took the color of each flag from the 8 countries i was provided . I played around with the colors and inserted them in the logo.So at the End each logo will identify the country.Like for Example Egypt, the flag colors are red white and black .Then the Unity for Equality logo would be red white and flag.I did this process for the 8 countries but in different style, so every country could be unique.