This week in my internship.I  had a zoom meeting with my supervisor  discussing what our next project will be. This was my first zoom meeting since i begin my internship.I had this meeting with one of college colleges too.My supervision gave use feedbacks about what and why we are doing.He is planning on extending the organization and doing chapters in different countries. For every country  The U for “unity” will stay the same because it’s the main hierarchy in the logo.And around the U will be the colors of each flag that represents the country.

I have choose 8 countries.One of these country is my country Egypt. I had so much fun with this projects . The project was basically to make the logo represent every  country ,so I took the color of each flag from the 8 countries i was provided . I played around with the colors and inserted them in the logo.So at the End each logo will identify the country.Like for Example Egypt, the flag colors are red white and black .Then the Unity for Equality logo would be red white and flag.I did this process for the 8 countries but in different style, so every country could be unique.