The name of the event, the host for the event

Mary Jane Callister, an art director from the New York TImes.

• Type of event: panel, networking get-together, presentation or tutorial, etc.


• Topics covered,

How are grids and layout made for the new york times.

How to get an internship at the new york times.

• Was it interactive–was there a Q & A or breakout rooms, etc. Did you get to connect with attendees? Where they many attendees?

In this event, i was able to ask lots of question. There were lots of people.

What you learned & was there a follow-up email after the event from the hosts

This event was made by my publication design professor. The whole class was in that day. My professor  invited  Mary Jane Callister, we were able to ask to ask her lots of Questions. I learned from her presentation. I learned that every week they have a new illustrator.I learned how the layout is done. She also talked about internships.How to get one.She also gave feedbacks about what should be in our portfolio.She said even if  our portfolio is computerized,we should have a printed version too.She talked about AT HOME a new york time publication that is published every week.

• Your take/review of the event and how it compares with the previous event you attended.

This event was via zoom.My last event was online . i was not able to ask lots of question.In this event i really had the opportunity  to ask all the question that came to head.I really liked this event because i think that i learned a lot.

• Research one speaker or company or topic from the presentation and add information you learned from that research into your post

I searched publication of AT HOME by the New York Times, because when she showed us the covers. I was so interested with the rest of the covers and they are very interesting.This is the best one for my opinion it was done for mother’s day.I love it because it shows love and care for mothers.