Gordon Parks exhibit 9th blog

Mome is the Museum of  modern art located at  11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019.It plays a major role in developing and collecting modern art, and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. This is an online exhibit. In this exhibit it show cases all Gordon Parks photographs. 

Gordon Parks Born in 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas, Parks was the youngest of 15 children in a family deeply affected by the racial terror used to enforce Jim Crow segregation. When Parks lost his mother at 15, he moved from his small Kansas town to St. Paul, Minnesota, to live with his sister. He was exposed to both urban and rural poverty and the racial hierarchies of the South and North.

Gordon Parks this photography developed words and a surrounding of the environment his virtualizing. He is addressing public, because the public that life is addressing is narrow. Parks also faced discrimination. Parks was an extortionary  artist and activist. He made compiling photograph about subjects that really matter.

I choose to to discuss this photography taken by Gordon Parks in 1942 called Red Jackson .







This photo image was the first feature image for Goldon Parks in 1948 in a magazine called Life Magazine under the title called Harlem Gang Leader. He was the first black African American to the team. He used his Camera with confidence to draw attention. He addressed different important topics through his photos, like poverty, race and discrimination. In this photo you can feel that the man is in danger, worried. You can also see the feel of deepness and the face expression of the man. In my opinion this image is deep. It conveys lots of meaning. The choose of black and white , the tone. while looking at this photo , I could feel myself over there.

The second photograph that grabbed my attention. Is Gordon Parks the photo image name is “Harlem Gang war ” published by life magazine under the title name “Harlem Gang Leader,” . He proposed a story of the gang wars that were then consuming Harlem. Published in the November 1, 1948 . In this photography Parks uses his camera to share the  insider’s view of life in the neighborhood. Also in this  photography  he uses his vanishing point perspective ,using the boy . What grabs my attention is that the photo has visual language.

The 3rd photography I really really like is the Children with Doll, Washington, D.C. in 1942. This photography  reflects depth and range of the  work of Gordon parks by exploring  the impacts of systemic racism upon African. Parks created sensitive, memorable images to  covey the  right to free speech. I also see that this photograph reflects the meaning, of how the surround of the life’s  of African American where. Even though they faced racism and discrimination, but kids are kids playing . 

I like the virtual experience of show casing work in the Mome Exhibit. I like it because you can find more details about the work itself. Despite when your in person you can only find a sentence or 2 next to each work .I think this is a good experience for people to learn and see more work of famous people, and its also free. When we use to go in person we use to pay a free to scroll around the museum. I think the virtual is a better option ,in my opinion. What is good about it that its free so when i was doing my homework ,me and my mother were able to enjoy watch the exhibit  together. She really enjoyed and was fascinated by the photographs and how they conveyed lots of meaning and words.