Apps review

For this week , I will be reviewing 2 applications , that can be considered as creative publishing platforms.

The first is Instagram.Instagram was first created as a personal platform for people to publish and share their personal lives through photos and videos. Since 2009, Instagram has done an  interesting variety of upgrades.  Instagram is one of the most preferable social media platform for people to advertise their businesses ,share personal stuff, because of the undeniable opportunity of the application.For example for me ,  I have a personal portfolio on instagram and its great, because i think it’s the best platform.I also think  for designers to publish their work is also a great opportunity and tool to use because i feel like that’s how designers know each other . They share their work get known and other designers get to follow them.I also think instagram is not only a platform to share stuff and get followers, i think its an education platform.I follow graphic designers and i learn from them through their screen record of a demonstration of an illustration trick.  Instagram now has also a new  story feature and now with the new update you can make reels which gets more views than posting normal posts or posting on stories. I think instagram is a great source to share memorable moments with enhancing effects and gifs.

Linkedin is my favorite 2nd platform.I was able to get the opportunity to use this networking app from this class.This is a great networking app  for sharing work getting  professional feedback. Since the whole world now is essentially virtually communicative with each other but i feel like people like me and classmates don’t usually like to critique my work but on linkedin there is always fellow designers and artists that are willing to view and comment on my work. I  find it a great platform also for work digging for job search.  Another feature i appreciate about Linkedin is the option to network for  available to certain professionals in the field . It’s a good application for people like myself  to  network who want to learn and improve themselves.