WEEK 5 I gotthe an interview .Now what?

I really learned alot from this article.Mainly I liked when they provided example of when you get the interview prepare and be less nervous ,because for me i am a very shy person and i get very uncomfortable.I also learned that when you prepare for the interview and jot down notes that a way that will help in stress free and will show the interviewer that i have confidence. I also liked in this article that it gives every single detail that helps get the job in the interview.”DON’T DRESS INAPPROPRIATE”I lOVE the example because it’s true when interviews dress interview they show carlessless ,and as in the example the employer will tend to put the comments on your cloth instead of your work!

Practice interviewing with a friend? This is a very helpful tip because i think in front of a friend you will be comfortable and wont say ums or like.I also see that’s a way that provides confidence .

Eliminate yourself. this tip is made for me because i prevent myself from applying to jobs because i see myself not applicable for the requirements ,but the tip states that interviewers should element themself.Cause you could always get other job positions in the same company