Ethical AIGA guide

Regarding the ethical guides, I have learned so far in my internship sited in the non profit organization Unity For Equality. In my internship, for example when we are assigned a project and this project will be visible to the pubic.My supervisor which is the founder of the organization, always  provides credit to sources we use. Like for example fonts, when we use them he always provides credit to the owner.Also since the internship is in a nonprofit, so it’s always get charity help from the sources.Also the images that are used in the organization project, before we use them there is always credit towards who owns them.Once when we were having a group meeting, and there were new people to the team.This project was an extend to a previous one. My supervisor introduced what the project is and  gave credit to the previous designers working on it .He also said good words about there design work.

Reading assigned:

In the reading assigned this week .I think that it’s a  very important topic that comes up in every day talks with designers in general .Or tbh with anyone. Picture imperfect – Digital image manipulation ethics. In the work filed i think it depends on the workplace and policies and the vibe of the workplace  and if it happens in a  known  industry.Then that workplace is losing their reputation  towards their competitors and they end up losing their reputation.

For my opinion, I see photo manipulation is something that happens everyday in our daily lives.YOU can be one ! I think that photo manipulating has it cons and pros.The cons that anyone or creatives can assign the work to themselves and be compared to the copycats. I also think its because photoshop is commonly used by many one, AND ANYONE CAN get the software. The pros is that if you wanna edit or do retouches in a picture you love.You will be apple too. we live in a life where everyone wants to look nice and beautiful.