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James Levin

The speech that James Levin gave us was very motivating in every sense of the word. Since the gentleman was building his career as a coach with the experience acquired in life.

At first, I thought that he had done a course in career coaching or something like that, but then he explained to us that he came to a moment of reconsideration about what he would keep doing in his life, and with the experience that he had gained over his years in this field, it was sufficient to become a great coach.

It was interesting the tips that he gave us such as: when he told us that if someone from the company asked us if we knew something ,we should say that we would go and find the answer it did not matter how long it took us to find it. The important thing was that we show that we solve problems, instead of saying that we did not know. To me it is very important since I am that kind of person that if you ask me something and I do not know, I usually tell the truth. In this case , it is to show that we are interested in learning, also we can figure  out things and that sooner or later would be appreciated.

Another tip that caught my attention was, when he said that we should take the lead and offer our help to do things that our boss does not like  so much to do, and that he would realize and appreciate it.

And finally, he recommended us to make connections by going out more and volunteering to work in companies or agencies. It was exciting to meet him.