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Journal 4

Let me start by saying that besides an internship this a real life experience that I am having because I am responsible for everything that will be done with regards to this website. I certainly will not have anyone to turn in in case of a problem, which might be true in a design agency. Therefore in the context of y internship, I would have to solve it by myself base on my acquired knowledge and trial and error.

I have learned so many things since day one. And by day one I mean, the day I met him. We met in a restaurant close to my house because the original place that we were going be was a café place, but it was full, so that was my first lesson: you always have to have a plan B. Luckily, we had a restaurant close, so we could sit down and talk. At the end, it was a better choice since we were there to talk a lot, which might have bothered someone in the café since it is a much quieter place. Time past and I started him to show the improvements that I would do to his page based on the research that I had done previously. It wasn’t bad at all, but I noticed that besides the research that you do, you have to become a saleswoman in order to sell your idea. Another thing that I learned was that you have to be realistic as well as practical. Even though the client wants a lot things to be done, you always have to be honest with what you can and cannot do.

Some notes taken during the meeting:






Journal 2 My Role In Only Finishes

My role in the company is that of web designer. There was a previous website that the company had, but the owner saw the need for reorganizing and redesigning it. I got this internship through a friend. He was the one who introduced Julian to me. Then, I called him and we spoke for a half  an hour over the phone. We set an appointment to meet in person that weekend. So, we spoke for hours about his company’s website, and I told him my point of view and explained my plan of work. 

This is the company’s previous website:


Journal 1 Our First Meeting

I am doing my internship at onlyfinishes.com. It is a small private construction company dedicated to the finishes of homes. Located in Long Island, Only Finishes is comprised of 6 people. They focus on stucco, decorative plaster, polishing floor. They are primarily based in Long Island, but sometimes they cover New York City. Their clients vary between home owners, general contractor, businessmen and their social economic status are from middle class to high class. Only Finishes was founded in 2000 by its owner Julian Ocampo. At first, Only Finishes started with one employee, and little by little, the company has grown not just in people, but in contracts as well.