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At the beginning

First of all, I started to update my Linkedin account, then I just started not only to look through this but also I uploaded my resume on a website called Beyond. After a Search I did for a while, I found another websites and Apps called careerboutique.com , Indeed, Zip recruiter, Internship.com, StartWire and the one that I use more which is Glassdoor. They all handle the same type of search regarding the internships available in the market. I scrutinize these pages and Apps trying to get opportunities in my field. I dedicated myself to look for the most optioned internship in web design and apply to each of these even while I was at work. Some of them are easy to apply for , you just have to fill out your personal information and upload your resume , that’s it. Others are more complicated, with more steps and not so easy to fill out through a cellphone, these had to wait until I got home and did it in my desktop. Most of them sent a confirmation message that they have received the application, others you have to assume the application was sent. Since the beginning of the semester, I’ve been sending applications to many places that I cannot remember how many were in total.