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A fun experience happened to me in Samsung 837. I discovered new technology and design. Located in the heart of Meatpacking district Samsung 837 is a place in which you can have a virtual reality (VR) experience . I mean, here you can find the latest products and the latest Samsung technology that has in the market. This place is not like the others where you go and buy a phone. What they do is give you the opportunity to experience VR. For example: upon arriving at the place, one of the first experiences I had was the VR of a roller coaster in California. I was sitting on a chair which was moving according to the curves of the roller coaster. I had glasses on, and together with the movements of the chair was the perfect formula for  adrenaline rush.


They also have a virtual reality tunnel where you sit down and see a short video of different shots made in the world and outside in the space. In this mini room there was not movement so in my opinion  the roller coaster one was better.

Samsung 837 has a mix of classic and modern design, as they have a glass room on the first floor near the entrance where DJs play their music and give that chic atmosphere to the whole place. On the first floor, singers make their performances for free.

Passing by the DJs glass room there is a giant screen which is connected to a cell phone that is on the first floor, which takes selfies that later on were shown on the big screen. The interesting thing is that thousands of photos on Instagram formed the selfie that was taken with the cell phone.


There is also a gallery in which through many mobile, tablets and TV screens, project all the photos you have on Instagram And a female futuristic type of voice repeats the hash tags of several accounts in intagram at the same time. It was impressive and overwhelming but not doubt unique.

In general the whole experience was interesting, I notice that many branches of design were combined in this place, from architecture through interior, graphic and industrial design.