Different organizations

Another way to look for an internship was through a classmate who right now is interning at a company. He told me about Clickdaily. So I sent a message to them with a link to my portfolio website and my resume attached. Indeed, they were looking for interns but not in my field (web design). However they offered me to go to an interview with them if I was interested in graphic design. Hearing this made me very optimistic – imagine if this was happening at the beginning of the semester …I figured it would be that easy to find interviews with companies…. Oh surprise that I was given. After this I decided to apply to the companies I would like to work  for even it they were not of design. I started looking for large organizations such as: UN, UNICEF, Sony entertainment, Microsoft, among many others, and applied to all them. Besides that, I looked at the list of companies that the professor uploaded on blackboard and applied to those as well. And finally in Google , I searched for the best advertising companies in NYC and guided me to two lists that were uploaded one in Awwwards (a website for the best sites’ design in internet) and Redbooks.