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My Experience In Here Are All The Black People

      I went with a friend to an event that was called “Here Are All The Black People”.It was held in Times Center in Manhattan, NY.  This event is geared towards students, new graduates, or those whose are starting out in their careers. It seeks to showcase their new ideas to the best agencies and creative leaders in the industry.

I went during the afternoon and got to attend a conference that a group of professionals in the field were giving. They were talking about their experiences reviewing portfolios and the work that they had encountered so far.  Also, they were saying that the ideas presented in the portfolios were not bad at all, but they were incomplete. In addition, some speakers were talking about how portfolios should stand out from the crowd. Finally, they discussed their experiences in the field.

Then we decided to go to the first floor where there a workshop for portfolio Advisement was being held. This was the reason why I came to this event. As soon as I arrived to the place, I asked for the Wi-Fi password and proceeded to enter the room. Everything was very organized; on entering, there were moderators who were in charge of telling people which table to pass. There were many tables located in the room and each of them had two seats: one for the advisor and the other for the interested. So, I went to one of them who was sat a teacher from the School of Visual Arts. I passed her my iPhone with my online portfolio. I opened it, and she started to navigate through it. She asked exactly what subject I wanted advise for since she did not have that much knowledge about web design. I told her that I wanted her opinion with regard to the layout of my websites. She looked at them for a while and told me that there was not doubt that I had skills to make websites, but with regard to the layouts, I should put a personal touch on them.

This experience was very enriching, but I must say that I would have liked it if they had spent more time with my portfolio. Also, I think that there must have been more specialists in web design.