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Journal 4

Let me start by saying that besides an internship this a real life experience that I am having because I am responsible for everything that will be done with regards to this website. I certainly will not have anyone to turn in in case of a problem, which might be true in a design agency. Therefore in the context of y internship, I would have to solve it by myself base on my acquired knowledge and trial and error.

I have learned so many things since day one. And by day one I mean, the day I met him. We met in a restaurant close to my house because the original place that we were going be was a café place, but it was full, so that was my first lesson: you always have to have a plan B. Luckily, we had a restaurant close, so we could sit down and talk. At the end, it was a better choice since we were there to talk a lot, which might have bothered someone in the café since it is a much quieter place. Time past and I started him to show the improvements that I would do to his page based on the research that I had done previously. It wasn’t bad at all, but I noticed that besides the research that you do, you have to become a saleswoman in order to sell your idea. Another thing that I learned was that you have to be realistic as well as practical. Even though the client wants a lot things to be done, you always have to be honest with what you can and cannot do.

Some notes taken during the meeting: