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Adobe Draw



This application has the basic drawing tools like the main program of illustrator has such as: different shapes of brushes with different finishes, which are located on the left side of the screen. Every single brush you can adjust the size, opacity, color, angle, roundness. As the original program, in this application you can create layers as well.

Also, users can adjust shapes that can be colored and also by double clicking this figure you can stamp a shape in a different color. Another function, which I found very interesting, was the insertion of a photo, which subsequently can be manipulated.


Adobe Draw has grids of 30, 45 , and 90 degrees sensational to give perspective to the drawings. Moreover you can rotate the canvas.


What I found interesting is that you can fill an enclosed area by long pressing inside it.

Paper App. Report

At first glance, it seems that they have added more features to this application long time ago. I checked it, and did not see all these options. In my opinion, the drawing part was not easy to find, and it was not clear if it was there or not.

Some functions that can be found in Paper App are:


img_5716         img_5711

This is the main function of this application. The Paper provided is easy to handle in regards to drawing; moreover; you have access right away to the tools which also are very recognizable . The user can connect a virtual pencil to this application using Bluetooth so people make a more precise drawing. There are a total of nine tools and a palette to choose colors from. In this function you can write and take photos and then include them in your drawings as background or spotlight. Finally, you have the option to save it on your phone, share them through social networks and send it to different design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator.

Spotlight details:


It helps the user to highlight a part of any photo that he/she wants. How does it work? You must first take or import a photo from your cellphone to the app., then it gives you the option to adjust the size of the photo and the spotlight option. When you  click  the latter, automatically the photo turns gray and now the user can use his/her your fingers to  point out the parts he or she wants to highlight. As soon as that is done, a circle appears with the original colors of the photography.

Make a list:


Users can type  a list of anything. Additionally, on the top of the list you can insert a drawing or a photo.