Homework #3

The name that I have my┬ádisease was TRUMP. I have played the game many times over the last week and have opened up all the other diseases, other than just a bacteria. The most success I had with the game was starting in either England or India. with India and other countries that don’t have the resources of the 1st world nations the bacteria spread a lot more easier. When I started out in England I found that the disease didn’t spread as fast as in the case with India, but it spread to other nations faster, because of all the transportation that does to England. Usually after the first few days I was able to spread the epidemic to a few hundred people. By using the DNA points to make it disease easy to spread through animals, and air, and using the lung┬ásymptoms┬áproved the best way , and┬áeasiest to get as many people┬ácontaminated. after the first month or two i was able to have a few million people contaminated. I usually wait to have at least 2/3 billion people infected worldwide before I started making the disease deadly. Also the speed that the cure was being manufactured and studied made me make the needed changed to the┬ásymptoms┬áthat it becomes harder to cure, and kills more people, hopefully destroy the country that is trying to find the cure. once i made the disease more deadly it usually was about 2/3 weeks to have a million deaths. I found that in making the disease to deadly killed off the infected people at such a rate that the disease killed it self of. I made TRUMP very easily to be contaminated, first by making it easier to be spread through the air, but also made sure that TRUMP had the properties that it could travel through water, since air travel is the first thing to close when the disease starts spreading and becoming a┬ápandemic. I always waited for at least half the population to be infected before making the┬ásymptoms┬áto have┬á┬áfatal effects on the infected. I found it to me fungus the hardest option to kill off the world. I have killed the population of earth about 15 times since I started playing the game on┬áTuesday. The fasted result I got in destroying humanity was 552 days, the longest game that I won, humanity lasted 1700 days before everyone was killed off. Certain plague types are easier to infect and spread then other. The fasted and most┬ádevastating plague that I was able to destroy humanity with was the two man made ones, Nano-Virus and Bio-Weapon, I don’t remember how many days it took me to destroy humanity but it was faster then 552, but that was best one I could remembered. This game was very helpful in understanding how a plague can wipe out humanity, specially one that we humans made.┬á┬á

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