Homework #3

Y2K is the name of the disease. I began my disease in Turkey for my first game. It took about forty days to affect the first one hundred people and one hundred days to affect the first 1, 000, 000 people. The first death occurred on 350th day. It took about 350 days for the first death to occur because of the advance medical technology we have today. I think we are in the era where medical technologies are adequate, sufficient and ready to cure or relieve disease and illness. With the advanced medical technologies, we are better and prompt at managing, diagnosing and treating new disease sand  illnesses. This plague started in Turkey and spread out worldwide did not destroy the human race.  It was eradicated in 742nd days by the clinical research finding with 100% cure. My second game began in USA. It took about three months to affect the first hundred people and six months to affect the first 1,000,000 people. The first death occurred at one year after the disease started. The plague destroyed the human race in 636 days. It took longer to affect more people in the wealthier country, the USA, than in Turkey. However, the disease started in USA wiped out the human race not the disease started  in Turkey. I was little surprised with the result. I thought  the wealthier country would have better health system and clinical research team to manage and contain the disease. The game definitely helped me better understand the pandemic transmission. I think the technologies of aircraft, wars and trades play a big part in spreading the disease. I could see the affected people spread the disease through traveling via boats, ships and airplanes. The under-developing countries were affected and got destroyed quicker than the wealthier countries. The climate also contributes to the gene mutation which makes it harder to kill the disease.    

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