Homework #2 Carrie May Weems

My experience when reading the text and looking at the images of Weems, “From here I saw what happened and I cried” was very powerful and moving. The photographs is speaking to the viewers, telling a story, gives¬†history of slavery and racism. Weems bring the photographs to life. It took me to another¬†place. I¬†felt like I was watching movie, history in action.¬†It helped me to visualize in depth the meaning of the message the photograph series is conveying. The pain and suffering of slaves. I see the power and control when I looked at these photographs, the different age range of each person and their position. These photographs was recreated for a different purpose.¬†Weems purpose¬†was different from the scientist purpose.¬†The glass added with the text to tell the true story, give it a voice/sound, to connect the viewers so that you would evaluate and stay focused on what was being told. The monochrome red¬† was put in place of the other lighting¬† to hide certain elements that the scientist were exposing negatively. It is possible to read the text and look at the images at the same time. The work without the¬†text would not catch the viewers attention for a long period of time and would not be as strong.¬†The text gave¬†the photographs a¬†greater meaning, understanding, and strength. The text¬†also communicates and educates. I think Weems photographic project was creative and is a perfect way to convey a message of history in such a unique way. This is powerful.

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