Weems uses Zealy’s daguerreotype’s as a way to show people, especially African Americans the history of slaves. The use of the red light exposure to the images makes them seem even more “under the microscope.” To me it makes the people in the images more like subjects who are being sinngled out for study. With the addition of the text, I believe wells is trying to say she knows what happend to theose people and she will never forget how the were used, abused, taken advantage of and made to conform to society’s at the time standards. Even when they did conform they were still persecuted, called race traitors or “Uncle Tom’s.”

In my opinion Wells used the last image with the text “I cried,” as a way to show she understands their plight and their struggle has continue, not in the exact same way but the continues none the less. African Amercian are no longer looked at as property but we are still looked down upon to some. Could Zealy’s degurreotype’s be used today? The answer is no, no one would unwillingly subject themselves to this. It could happen bur the subjects would be consenting participants. This however does not mean African American’s are not shown in a negative light. Just this week there was a newsstory about a Caucasion man posting a picture to social media of a coworker’s Africasn American son. There were many derrogatory and stereotypical comments made. The man has since lost his job. I use this story as an example to show that hate monggering can still occur just in different ways. I think people don’t realize the power of an image and how it can be interpreted differently from person to person.

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