Homework # 2

Artist Carrie Mae Weems have appropriated Zealy’s photographs into monochrome red in her series “From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried.” This monochrome red effect on the photographs amplifies the sadness of the history and the racism occurred at the time.Figures in the first four photos of the series were nude. Their emotionless facial expressions actually indicate that they have no power. In fact, they were objectified. They were granted no right to wear clothes in front of the camera. It disturbs me to see this series of photographs. The monochrome red effect makes me think of hatred. It also stimulates my anger. The caption in each photo further amplified the evidence of racism in Black in the history. This series show us the history of Black in the society dominated by the White. This shows how Black were treated inhumanely and unfairly. However, I think the texts give more meaning to the photos than the photos show us. If these photographs were narrated with medical diagnosis or information I believe the whole perspective would be shifted.

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