Homework #2

I looked at the images before listening to the video. At first I began to look at each picture individually, while reading the text for each one. I was a bit confused with some of them. After I listened to the video, I went back and read all the texts straight through. It was as though a story was being told about the way they were mistreated and thought of as objects, and experiments rather than humans with rights. African Americans were given stereotypes and labels, rather than names and respect. The first and last 2 photos gave expressed the voice of the artist. The series is upsetting which is why the last photo says, “And I cried”. It is upsetting because I myself couldn’t imagine being treated as a label, as an experiment, having taken away my human rights and dignity. Being photographed topless, forced, and feeling uncomfortable is dehumanizing someone. I thought her work was very clever, and it makes everyone understand what was really going on. I myself am not artistic, so when looking at just photographs, it is a little bit more difficult to strip it apart and find its true meaning. When reading the captions, with the photo, it is similar to watching a movie where everything ties in.

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