Final Exam (Quiz 5) is next Monday 12/16/19

Durer, Self Portrait with Hand Up
Durer, Self-Portrait with Raised Hand and Pillow

For the Final Exam, there is a short list of images. Please look under Class Downloads for the Short List for Final Exam.

As you study each work, please try to identify by the following parts:

1. Artist’s name, if known. Last names are best.  (1 point)

2. Title (2 points)

3. Art Period (2 points)

4. Date (1/2 point)

5. Significance (3 points)

The terms for the Final Exam are:




history painting

Sun King


hierarchy of genres

plein air



The format of the Final Exam is similar to a quiz with one extra component: The total time for the exam is 50 minutes but you will have up an hour to complete the exam.

Final Exam Format

  • Part 1: terminology for 5 vocabulary words/terms (15 points)
  • Part 2: 10 slide identifications (85 points)
  • Part 3: optional comparison essay (additional 25 points)
    • You will be shown 2 images that you can write a short essay (approx. 6 sentences) comparing and contrasting the two artworks.

For the final exam,  you can complete the  optional comparison essay to earn 125 points on the final exam.