HW #4 Is it Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa

It Isn’t time to take down Mona Lisa, because this painting has been around for centuries. In terms of it’s history and the meaning behind it. It shows what this painting represents. It would be better if they were to relocate to the museum, because most people who haven’t seen this painting can take the time and obverse it. Rather than having other people to get rid of it, without having and reason explaining why. In addition for moving Mona Lisa to the museum would also benefit others who support this painting can rebel until they can come to an understanding. That way they can take pictures of this painting face to face rather than seeing it online.

HW #2 How would you rebuild a Gothic Church?

After reading the article I believe that the Cathedral should be rebuilt to how it was, because this church has been around for 850 years and for it to lose it’s beauty from the fire is a tragic. If the people from French wanted to rebuilt the Important parts of the church, than it would be best for them to start a fundraising for the church and gather the materials they need that are fire proof. That way it would prevent the church from starting a fire again. While they’ll rebuilding they should discuss about Increasing the amount of security, because after seeing how wide the Cathedral is and the officer was at the wrong place when the fire began to spread. This way they’ll have an officer or two on certain places on the church and notify each other if there were to be an future incidents to occur.

HW #1

How evil was Commodus? At the age of 12 teachers began to educate Commodus, however he wasn’t Interested in knowledge Instead he wanted power. He ordered the bathkeeper to be cast into the furnace, because his bath was to cold. As for the slave who was order to commit this Incident was forced to lie in order to make him believe that the cause of the stench was vapour. As Commodus got older his behavior has gotten worse towards the years. Such as gathering women so he could purchase them. He would eventually kill his sister than banish his wife from her house, than would kill her. His abuse of power would eventually concern other person which would result him to be sentence to death.

After peace was made in Pannonias the attempts such as gathering more crops in Rome that were mention, would eventually be turn down by the generals were declined. Commodus himself was lazy to sign multiple documents, because  not because there was any real shortage of crops, but merely because those people who then ruled the state were plundering the food supply. As for those who plundered on every hand, Commodus afterwards put them to death and confiscated their property.