Home work #2

The idea of reviving an old process in the tintype to document modern warfare by Ed Drew was an amazing one. If you look at the tintypes from the civil war  you can see how the photo lights up and how timeless they are. There is also a certain sharpness in the photos where you can see how real the soldiers are, in sense capturing their souls. The photos Ed Drew took of modern warfare were more than beautiful. Like a mentioned earlier the photos really light up and you can see into photo and into the people. You see how honorable and proud the soldiers were to serve our country and even take the photo. I also liked how passionate Ed Drew was when taking the photographs he stated how he wanted to capture their souls and how humane they were, I think he did a very good job with that considering all he had to go through to get the photos done with the environmental challenges, military actions during the photo shoots, and even just the process itself so many things could have went wrong. Through he passion and dedication he was able to create and share his emotional and timeless tintype photographs.

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Very nice metaphor of equating the sharpness as skin to capturing one’s soul.

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