Homework #6

When viewing Martin Parr’s work I saw that each food didn’t look as appealing. While Instagram photos did look appealing. Which made me think of  food that’s used in advertising which can be showed everywhere. For example every fast food restaurant that makes their food look amazing. But when you order it and see it you notice it doesn’t look like the pictures. Instagram food photographers always post images of food that looks so delicious and they might even provide an address. It’s literally advertises restaurants and even reviews them. Both Parr’s photographs and Instagram are alike because they show what’s on their plate. They show the real thing the moment they get the meal. Which marketing doesn’t do. We all see delicious food being advertise but it’s not the real picture. I prefer Instagram photos because I take images of the food I just got as well.

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My name is Leslie Picon, I'm a female student. I attend City Tech, and my major is Advertising Graphic Design.
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