Drilon Dushi: Instagram and the Art of Food Photography

As a photographer myself and user of Instagram, Instagram allows you to collaborate with different artists and companies. It is known to be a “social media” platform however I believe it’s just a pamphlet for companies to look at and decide which photographers to work with. Some are compensated with cash, others with free products, food ect.

Many of my friends such as (@Inijie) on Instagram and (@rach.esq) are food photographers that have made a living through this platform. I highly recommend you to look at these pages before commenting.

As a photographer I have tried to take photos of food, I will say that it not easy as it looks. You need to be very patient and be very technical with lighting and setup on how everything will be placed on the table. Lighting is key to make food look appetizing, which Martin Parr fails to do. Martin Parr is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist, not a food photographer. He does not have the right skill set to take these kinds of photos, and for these reasons his work on food is honestly bad..

Companies are seeking artists on these platforms because it allows companies to have work created by the new fresh ideas rather than the old and traditional from agencies. I have seen amazing work done by aspiring photographers than those who have been in the field for 30 years.

Saying what is the difference between food photography and food photography for the art is like saying whats the difference between photos that tourist take of the city vs. photos done for architecture and design. Photographers tend to take what a person sees everyday and puts a unique perspective that wasn’t once seen so obviously. Everyone can be a photographer these days and takes pictures of the way things are presented but its takes a real photographer to take a way something is presented to then flip it around.


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