Food photography is currently one of the trending photography topic there is as of today. Although it’s been overly done, this photography style can be useful in other form. There’s people who take picture of food for their own pleasure and there’s some who do it for other purposes. I personally believe that food photography is a great use for marketing. Especially using it through Instagram. Social media played a huge part when it comes down to marketing something. It’s a great way to sell their idea to the audiences. Since currently Instagram is one of the top social media in our society, using it as a marketing tool is fantastic. This helps promote the restaurant and their food. It can also helps increase restaurant businesses as well as gaining fame to the Instagram account owner. It’s a win win. Although some people find food photography is a form off art but it’s just not as powerful as using it for marketing purposes. No matter how nice you make the food is, the way you took the picture (The camera angle, the composition, prop uses, etc), you’re still promoting something. So in this particular case, I strongly believe food photography is mainly good for marketing whether than a form of art.

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  1. I agree with the argument that is made when you say that food photography has been over done with social media influence. Being in the Hospitality Industry I do feel that we eat with our eyes first but this can be a bad thing. If someone is paid to put out a pretty picture and a good review than we aren’t being told the truth. We see a nice picture and assume that when we go in to get the same thing that it will look and taste just as good as the instagramer said it was. When the reality is that if you pay someone to say something nice, they will.

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