Homework #6

I believe the difference between food photography for marketing and food photography for art is how devoted you are to your photographs. Food photography for marketing, is a great way to use your artistic image to make money. Post it on social media, quote the place and the name of the food, to gain interest. Although, the Instagram users has confessed that if it didn’t taste spectacular as the image, they’d still continue to post it because of their relationship with the restaurant. Especially some of the food that’s used for marketing, is only used for false presentation and advertisement. Food photography for art, is a way to demonstrate the perspective view of the food, and it’s reality. Martin Parr may not have the most appealing imagery of the food he is eating, but at least he has shown what is true. Knowing that the food looks exactly the same as the photo, can most definitely become pleasing, rather than being disappointed. An example is, Wendy’s burger or KFC chicken and microwavable food that looks promising, but doesn’t look like the photo you’ve seen. Honestly, either one is preferably fine, as long as the food that you are taking a photo of, whether it’s art or marketing, looks like the actual thing. As well as posting images, where the food is tasty as it looks(referring to the Instagram users).

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