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My name is Leslie Picon, I'm a female student. I attend City Tech, and my major is Advertising Graphic Design.

Homework #6

When viewing Martin Parr’s work I saw that each food didn’t look as appealing. While Instagram photos did look appealing. Which made me think of  food that’s used in advertising which can be showed everywhere. For example every fast food … Continue reading

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Homework #5

When reading the article the writer mentioned that both The Falling Soldier and the photograph, showing a man in a further state of collapse show the same man. Both man do look similar but you can’t really tell. It can be … Continue reading

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Homework #3

When reading  Shannon Taggart’s photography article I kept thinking about post mortem photography. What people wanted with post mortem photography, was to have something to remember their loved ones that passed away. I believed that with spiritualism, individuals wanted to … Continue reading

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