Homework #2

I believe the revival of this old process to document modern warfare was an amazing idea. When looking at the tintypes you are able to see that the photographer Ed Drew was able to portray how proud the soldiers are and what kind of person the soldier is. When comparing the modern warfare tintypes and the ones from the Civil war you are able to see in both pictures the soul of the soldiers being photographed, both images seemed timeless and detailed. I liked how Ed Drew was so passionate about taking tintype photographs of the soldiers no matter how long it took. In the tintype you can see that he was very hardworking and wasn’t willing to give up no matter how long the process of both taking the photograph and the developing took. He faced many issues with the environment while taking the photograph but he didn’t give up and it was the reason that he had wanted to take those photographs in Afghanistan. I believe that Ed Drew was able to capture how humane the soldiers were before they had become soldiers and also he was able to make the soldiers seem immortal in the photographs. I believe that he was able to make each tintype photograph look unique and beautiful in their own ways.

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  1. Jeremy Pagan says:


    I like how he chose to use a really old school way to take his photographs. It shows the amount of time and effort he was willing to put into each photograph in or to show how that soldiers are regular people going about their chosen profession. Creating a unique image for their loved ones and historians. Also him being a helicopter crew member meant that he was on call nearly all the time. So it shows his dedication when he chose to devote what little free time he had to his photography.

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