Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America

After watching the short video of  Robert Frank “The America”,  I found his work eccentric and amazing . The reason for this is since Frank captures Americans doing ordinary task in their  daily routine. Every person in the picture is either bored and disinterested with the environment their in but seem to have strong pride for their country. Frank is often political with some of  the pictures he takes of Americans since he wants to show the life of people who are often ignored by society. For example, African Americans under the Jim crow law in America  during 1950’s.  It was weird to Frank since he never knew people were so hateful towards people of color.  One of the pictures which shows  Franks confusion was a photo he took of  a African american women holding onto a Caucasian baby.  Frank never understood why  people will trust their kids with individuals they loathe or wouldn’t talk to.  Almost all of  the pictures in Robert Frank’s  “The America” is of Americans being bleak. Frank often took photos of individuals waving american flags being cheerful in events, but later on in the day they are lonely and bored.  This shows the audience of how little Americans  enjoy the place they live in and how it contradicts their nationalistic altitude for America. Overall, Robert Frank is a great photographer who captured the truth of american  bleak lifestyle.

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