Kimberly Vargas: Homework #4

The exhibition “The Americans” from Robert frank’s book was very intriguing and mesmerizing. It had a wide variety of photos that Robert Frank had taken during his life as a photographer. His main goal for the book was to capture America in every little detail. This extended from the faces of ordinary people to the faces of the rich and popular. In a way, it was a raw and honest view of the common people of America. It took him about one year to travel through the entire country so that he could capture all the natural landscapes and the everyday life of the people. The book had a huge impact on the United States. As a matter of fact, it became so popular that soon enough, it was everyone’s topic of discussion. Controversies began over the fact that some people looked bored or distracted in their pictures. In a way, it was criticizing how American behaved. However, the purpose wasn’t to shame anyone, it was to bring a real perspective of ordinary lives. As human beings, we’re not always smiling and Robert Frank was able to capture this truthfulness. Instead of having people pose and smile, he captured them in their natural state with their natural emotions. The most popular photos were the ones taken in the south where segregation and racism could be easily observed. The one that I liked most was the one where people are inside the bus and you can see how the black people are sitting in the back. There is a woman facing the camera directly and one can almost feel the judgement in her eyes. She looks far beyond serious.

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