Elaine Wu; Homework #3

We can all see that Robert Capa’s, “Death Of a Loyalist Soldier”, a very controversial¬†and popular image. When I first took a glance of the picture, I thought there was something iffy about it. The way how the solider was positioned seemed unnatural and awkward. It reminded me of that popular scene of Jack and Rose¬†from Titanic (and I will add a comparison image below but it’s not a controversial image of course. However, you can see how both images/scenes are clearly staged). I had many questions in mind like, “Shouldn’t there be blood when the soldier was¬†shot? Why does the soldier’s face look so calm? Shouldn’t he have a painful/uncomfortable face because getting shot actually hurts? Why does the soldier’s hand look somewhat tightly gripped to the gun?¬†” ¬†Thus, I believe that Capa’s picture was staged.

After reading Whelan’s argument, I think his argument is¬†quite convincing mainly because he used other photographs to prove what an “un-staged image” would look like. I believe that authenticity matters because being truthful¬†is always significant and beneficial to the world. But either way, Capa’s image still remains popular and shows the world what he’s trying to convey. An image can tell a powerful story even if people have many different perspectives.

See what I mean??? Rose’s face and position looks EXTREMELY similar¬†to the solider.¬†

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Great suggestion at the end!

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