Jessie Lemaire- homework #3

When reading the article “Proving that Robert Capas “Falling Soldier” is Genuine: A Detective Story” by Richard Whelan I noticed several important arguments made. Throughout the article, I also became skeptical on whether or not Robert Capas photo is staged or not. Whelan did a good job at convincing the reader that the photograph isn’t staged. He interviewed several people that were supposedly with Capa on the day the homicide occurred. Most people who were interviewed told stories that didn’t prove to be accurate. Whelan was able to find out the soldier’s name and concluded that there was only one soldier that was reported dead on the same day, September 5. This proves that the photograph is not staged. Also, Whelan was able to contact the soldiers younger brother to identify the body and he confirmed it was the same person that was reported dead. The time of death also matches with the photograph due to the shadows projected. I believe that the photograph s not staged. The points brought up by Richard Whelan are convincing and I don’t see a reason not to believe it. Either way, the authenticity shouldn’t matter. The picture and the moment in time is very powerful and meaningful. To get an action shot like Capa did is very rare and unique.

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