robert frank the Americans

The exhibition tour of robert frank’s book called the americans was very interesting and many different variety of photos that robert frank took during his life as a photographer. His goal for his book was to capture america, it was a raw and honest view of the ordinary people of america. It took him one year to travel coast to coast so he could capture landscapes and people living in their everyday life. The book was critical of the united states, most people in the photos either looked bored or distracted. It wasn’t propaganda it was robert frank’s perspective of the america, how he viewed it. They were all natural photos. There were very unfamiliar photos in the exhibit because there wa only eighty-three photos published in his book. Most of robert frank’s famous photos were the ones taken down south, where there was high forms of segregation and racism. The photo that i found most interesting was the one with the african-american women holding the white baby. He was in shock that the mother of that child would not sit with that lady at the lunch table but instead let her hold and watch her kid. He was trying to show the country as a whole. He used different angles and cut out parts of people’s body.

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