Wen Yong Huang- Food and Coffee in the Civil War

Soldiers are the courageous heroes who brought peace to a country. In the life of the battle, they had experienced many physical and spiritual challenges which many of us had not gone through. Hence, these kind of challenges may decreased the morale in the battle field. After reading the articles, what fascinated me the most was that coffee can lift the army force effectively. When I think of the word “coffee”, the scene of relaxation will come out of my mind immediately from picturing a group of people sitting in the chairs and enjoying this hot beverage that can bring comfort to people and talk about their lives. Clearly, due to effect of the coffee, soldiers rely on coffee as much as their bullets to relive pain and tragedies. Moreover, I also learned that hard tack was another important product that the solider can’t live without. Hard tack was known as a cracker which was made of flour, salt and water and it can be store for years and keep people from hungriness for days.

Rice is the food that that I can’t live without it because I eat it every day and it mainly provides carbs and protein to my body.


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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Good post on the hardship of war, one can only imagine how difficult it was to produce photographs under such conditions. Your mention of rice reminds me that it is a staple in many food cultures.

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