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Jessie Lemaire-Food and Coffee in the Civil War

When reading the article “Civil War Cooking: What the Union Soldiers Ate” by Tori Avey, I realized how much of an issue it is to have a good meal during the Civil War. Supplies and ingredients were very limited and … Continue reading

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Reminder: Midterm Postponed until Tuesday 3/21

Due to the Snow Day on 3/14, the midterm is postponed until next week. Please arrive early on Tuesday 3/21 in A631, so that we can begin the midterm exam promptly. Please review this earlier announcement for details on the midterm exam: … Continue reading

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Kimberly Vargas: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

American soldiers are expected to be strong and able to withstand just about anything. Of course, this not only requires them to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also to eat properly. However, the food that was available for soldiers wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kaitlin Soto-Food and coffee during the civil war

Before viewing the two articles I had no idea that there was such a food shortage during the civil war. Based off the articles it seems like food, and coffee as well, played an pivotal role in the Union’s success … Continue reading

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Homework #2

Food is the most significance energy sources of our life, normal human body won’t be able to function probably even if food were not taken for one day, so we can all agree that food is important, especially for soldiers during … Continue reading

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civil war coffee

what I found out fascinating was how little the soldiers had to eat. plus the food wasn’t tasty and it wasn’t healthy either. coffee played A very big part in the civil war. It fueled all the soliders and kept … Continue reading

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Homework#2 (Food and Coffee in the Civil War)

According to the both articles, food and coffee was very important and essential for the soldiers during the civil war. Coffee became a part of the soldiers. Soldiers drank their coffee whenever they could, refueling themselves for the long days … Continue reading

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Guichang Chen: Food and Coffee in the Civil war

Soldiers are heroes who save our country. They put their lives on the fire. The fascinating part of the articles is that coffee plays an important role in their lives during the war. I was surprise that they can’t live … Continue reading

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Dimitri Alexander- Civil War

A civil war is arguably the toughest thing that anyone could be asked to go through, in this case not only did the soldiers have to fight against their own families, but they also had to endure the unsanitary food … Continue reading

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Civil War Soldier Diet HW#2

Perhaps the most fascinating Civil War Soldier diet is that it is similar to our daily diets today. The fact that they relied on small portions of food to gain their source of energy is very similar to how we … Continue reading

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