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Robert Frank, Homework #4

The short video “In Unseen Photos, A clearer Picture of Robert Frank’s America” by KQED shows a brief description of the exhibition in Stanford where very rare photographs taken by Robert Frank were showcased but weren’t in his very well-known … Continue reading

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Homework #3: Robert Capa, the death of the loyalist soldier

Robert Capas “the death of a loyalist soldier” is a very powerful photograph, considering it was taken at a time when documentary photography was very important. The first glance at Capa’s photograph gave me that criticizing instinct, something was wrong … Continue reading

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Civil War Soldier Diet HW#2

Perhaps the most fascinating Civil War Soldier diet is that it is similar to our daily diets today. The fact that they relied on small portions of food to gain their source of energy is very similar to how we … Continue reading

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Selfiecity is a website designed to collect selfies from five major cities around the world. Many things are noticeable just as one may open the website including the difference in the number of male and female photos. Perhaps women show … Continue reading

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