Kimberly Vargas: Homework #3

At a first glance, Robert Capa’s photograph “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is very shocking but there is something about it that could suggest that it was “staged”. It is perhaps because of the angle and the position of the soldier that suggests a certain kind of fakery. His pose seems a bit forced, unnatural, and in a way, rehearsed. When someone is being gunned down, they lose their balance completely. The fall and they are seen in obvious pain. However, this picture doesn’t reflect that. This picture reflects a man that seems to be kneeling down with his eyes closed. There is almost no hint of supreme pain on his face and that is what leads me to believe that it was staged. A lot of controversies rose after the photo was released but as clearly argued, people had good reasons to believe so. Nonetheless, Robert Capa’s photo was impacting and it certainly became a reminder of the real struggles in the battlefield. Soldiers had to face even worse things so for something like this to be released, was at least a start for people to become more aware and conscious of the truth behind the war.

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