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Kimberly Vargas: Homework #3

At a first glance, Robert Capa’s photograph “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is very shocking but there is something about it that could suggest that it was “staged”. It is perhaps because of the angle and the position of the … Continue reading

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Kimberly Vargas: Homework #4

The exhibition “The Americans” from Robert frank’s book was very intriguing and mesmerizing. It had a wide variety of photos that Robert Frank had taken during his life as a photographer. His main goal for the book was to capture America … Continue reading

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Kimberly Vargas: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

American soldiers are expected to be strong and able to withstand just about anything. Of course, this not only requires them to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also to eat properly. However, the food that was available for soldiers wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kimberly Vargas: Who takes selfies?

After analyzing all the data and information gathered from the website selfiecity, I came to the conclusion that women take more selfies than men. Majority of the selfies taken also display happiness and content rather than gloominess. It surprised me, however, … Continue reading

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