Robert Frank’s America

After watching a short video about the famous photographer Robert Frank, I find out that his work are consider to be artistic, bleak and also political in some ways. To start off, Frank’s accomplishment of the book called “The Americans” mainly focuses ordinary people and life style of the Americans . With many other more photographs that did not make in this book surprised me after a tour of the exhibition of Peter Galassi. One of the photograph Galassi introduces is the racial segregation which before civil rights movement where contain different race people walking on streets. Additionally, he also points out a photography where a black women is babysitting a white little child which completely catches public attention. Furthermore, he introduces the photographs of Americans as being distracted, fleak as well as bored at most of the time. Such as the one being lonely on the train and stuck in the elevator etc. At the end ,Franks photos bring up a political view of people holding American flags as the form of protesting. For sure, these different type of themes are happening continuously nowadays in the society.

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