Dimitri Alexander: “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” by Robert Capa

After analyzing both the image of Robert Capa “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” and Whelan’s argument about thus photograph not only can one assume that the photograph is staged, but someone looking at this photograph should be convinced that it is staged. There are several reasons that I say this, the first one being how unemotional the face of the man in the photograph is. The second reason is that there is no blood, if the soldier is wounded and falling backwards why is there no blood on his clothes. Lastly, if one were to get shot and be falling backwards wouldn’t they let go of their gun? With that all said, I believe the authenticity of a photo matters because after watching a video of how Henri Cartier- Bresson’s views on photography it made me realize just how important the timing is to every great photograph and that if you don’t time something right, you cannot just recreate a photograph.

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