Kaitlin Soto- homework 3

Robert Capa’s “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is such a striking photograph (it was even labeled as one of the greatest war photos) because it os able to capture a solider in the act of dying, opposed to other war photographs that simple show the dead bodies. However, the photograph has come over much controversy as it is believed to be staged. After reading Richard Whelan’s take on the Capa’s photograph, and view the photograph myself I find that I am in agreement with Whelan. Whelan makes many valid arguments as to why he believed Capa’s photograph is staged. One of his claims is that the way the soldier’s arms are spread out doesn’t make sense, insofar as why would the solider have his arms so spread out, not holding his gun properly in this war zone. I feel like this photograph might have been staged, it just doesn’t seem like it actually happened in that moment. While it’s possible that a solider really died like that, I don’t believe the person in the photograph was actually killed. This reminds me of the another photograph, death of a rebel sharpshooter as both photos are during war time and have been the subject of controversy. I think that while this photograph isn’t authentic, it doesn’t really change how bloody, and awful wars is. And wether or not this photograph is a authentic truly capture the casualties of war.

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