Wen Yong Huang-Death of a Loyalist Solider

After reading Richard Whelan’s biography on the authenticity of the photograph “Death of a Loyalist Solider” 1936 taken by Rober Capa, I found out that Whelan’s arguments were convincing. Through Whelan’s evidence and analysis showing this photograph was being staged by the photographer and shared many similarities of the other soldier falling in the same spot. Moreover, there was another picture showing them lining them waving their rifles together. Based on the author’s research, he had given creditable resources to support his argument and gained the strong testimonies to reveal the truth of this photograph. In my point of view, the way that this soldier’s right arm was suspicious in tension. The rifle did not seem to be drop and the way he fell down was like sitting and intentionally bending his knees. Authenticity does matter in life, whether is in photography or things requires the truth because one small detail can change the whole story and a big difference will be make.

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