Homework # 3

The photograph of Robert Capa “Death of the loyalist solider” is an example of a photograph that can’t be judged by first glance. In order to understand this photo you must analyze it’s setting,angles and the shadows the photo may carry. When I first glanced at the picture before doing the reading my first instinct was that the photo was staged. The reason I was quick to believe this was because the photo looks as if someone is just posing and waiting for the picture to be taken. You must understand the detail of the this photograph to know if it staged or real. After reading the arguments about the image I think this image isn’t staged. The body posture of the man in the image demonstrates someone who is being shot at. This posture will be hard to stage because of the position you are put in you fall or have great balance. The authenticity of the photo does matter because in order to create the photo the authentic must be demonstrated.The arguments of this photograph are supportive enough to explain why this photograph isn’t stage.

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