Homework #2: Food vs Coffee

img_0451If i had to choose between food and coffee I would no doubt choose food. I don’t prefer food because coffee is bad for you. I choose food because there’s so many different types of food to choose from. You can always have something new that you’ve never tasted before when dealing with food. When it come to coffee, there’s not much play room.
After reading the two articles, I understood why coffee was such a huge thing back then. Soldiers weren’t on helauth diets, they lacked energy and they needed something warm to help them through this war. This is where coffe saved the day. They allowed coffee to take over. Coffee became the escape item that made their taste buds dance and had them awake and alert on the battlefield.
However, too much coffee can have you sluggish and lack energy throughout your day. It gives you a few hours of nonstop productivity then you may crash. But for me, I’ll continue to drink coffee in the mornings but I’ll still compose food first.
This is an image of dinner I cooked on Sunday. It’s a mix of shrimp, corn, okra and dumplings in a spicy soup.

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