Rosa Luciano # HOMEWORK 2

In the articles of “ How coffee fueled the civil war” and “ Civil war cooking: What the union soldiers ate” addressed the lifestyle of eating that soldiers had at war. The soldiers had a bad meal plan and weren’t feed enough although a meal plan was given to them. I think that they weren’t feed enough food for the job that they had as soldiers. Although I think the soldiers weren’t provided much food I also think that during that time there wasn’t a variety of food to offer as there is now. For the soldiers to be able to survive with short meals that they were provided I find them brave. I wouldn’t been able to survive with the food that was provided to the soldiers because I am use to eating in variety and many choices.


The image above shows a plate of tacos, I wouldn’t be able to live without nachos because I actually eat them weekly. I try new ways to eat them because I really enjoy them although they get messy. When I go out to eat at food places I usually try to get nachos to see how they are served in different places.

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