Urban Resiliency workshop by Osmany April 14th

Hello everyone,
Below is the program for the Perpetual Brooklyn Resiliency event I’m holding this Sunday April 14th. We’ll be re-screening the film “Garbage Warrior” which documents architect Michael Reynolds journey of creating sustainable architecture. It’s very inspirational to see a dirty architect who’s life purpose has been to embody the ecological rhythms of nature into a building for the past 40 years; before it was “cool” to be “green”. I’ve worked with Earthship BioTecture for the past 3 years traveling around building off grid sustainable homes. This film is an accurate portrait of a radical architect and his fantastic yet practical designs.
The second part of the day we invite my friend Gennaro Brooks who runs EcoBrooklyn, a design/build company dedicated to “green retrofitting” of the urban landscape. Talk to our peer Michael Dicarlo, he’s worked with EcoBrooklyn. Then we have some hands on activities which will have us making “Seed Bombs”; think grenades made of dirt and clay embedded with seeds which you can throw in barren green spaces which will then grow into flowers/herbs/vegetables, Guerrilla Garden style! Then I’ll present R.U.S.T ( Radical Urban Sustainability Training) ….followed by a special project we designed that up-cycles used car tires into a portable mobile garden.
So yeah, all fun stuff: below is the program
Osmany Cabrera
“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

― Bill Mollison

Hello Everyone!
Brooklyn Urban Zong                            778 Bergen Street Brooklyn 11238

Please join us at the BUZ this coming Sunday for a full day of Perma Culture Education and Hands On Activities.

For those who missed the March Kickoff, we will start with the second screening of Garbage Warrior and an introduction to the Global Urban Resiliency movement.

After the screening, there will a series of talks by Local Eco Luminaries who have extensive hands on experience applying Urban Resiliency techniques to demonstrate practical applications and initiate a discussion among attendees. At the end we will addressing any questions people may have about how to get started on the Urban Perma-Culture Path.

I believe this is relevant to every single one of us and now is the time to fully educate each other about these miraculous solutions is at hand.

This is real and it is growing by the day, so let’s unite and expand this worldwide family of positive pioneers.


** 1st half of day **
1:00pm Doors open
1:30pm Al Jazeera video
1:50pm Garbage Warrior starts
3:30pm 1 hour break for people to socialize etc

** 2nd half of day **
4:30pm Gennaro Brooks-Church talks about his company “Eco Brooklyn”
5:15pm 10 min break
5:25pm Kim Fraczek gives her Seed Bomb demo and talks about Love Seed Bomb Hurricane Sandy campaign as well as addressing the legal hurdles she has experienced whilst trying to get land to create a “Community Garden”
6:45pm Jester Jaimi talks about his permie projects and demo’s “How to Build a Permie Pet?”
7:30pm Osmany Cabrera gives us “The RUST” presentation.
8:30pm The Formal Event is over, and the Open Discussion Begins
People can chill till 10, then they have to go, it is a school night.

This is a FREE event, but liberal donations are accepted and encouraged to finance more seed bombs and more permie pets! 😉

Feel free to invite anyone and everyone 🙂

We each have talents and I believe that we should come together and create the world we wish to see in our hearts.

It is time to share our gifts, to shine, for the benefit of all beings.

Love and light.

Nancy, Osmany, Jaimi and the PBR Crew

P.S.: If you have any questions, just message us!


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