Requirements for Midterm Review

Requirements for Midterm Review – Disaster Relief Community Residential Container Home

3/21/2013 Preliminary Presentation Review
4/04/2013 Final Review

Preliminary Presentation Review:
Have your presentation mocked-up to review on Thursday, 3/21, during class.

Final Review:
Group Presentation
Each site master plan group will briefly present their master plans before the individual members of the group present their own projects that are set on that site. The group will present for only 5 minutes, so plan your presentation to fit within that time. Organize your group to know who is presenting what.  Be sure to present the following:

  • Overall site location with disaster relief community location clearly shown
  • Concept and Summary
  • Timeline of Implementation (set up and take down)
  • Final Site Plan (in plan and axonometric)
  • Program Locations (residential, commercial, open space, etc)
  • Rules for Individual Unit Design (# of containers, footprint, massing, etc)
  • Total Number of Containers and Number of Families

Individual Presentation
Each student will have 10 minutes total, approx. 5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes comments. You will not have time to present all of your work from the semester, so it is important to plan what you show and how you show it in order to support your argument for your final design. Practice your presentation, and limit yourself to approximately 10 pages/slides.


  • Brief Overview of Family
  • Design Concept (this could be your family concept or other concept you have developed)
  • Material Concept/Material Board(s)
  • Location of your plot on overall site plan
  • Plan of house within immediate site context
  • Diagram clearly showing how shipping containers were used
  • Plans (each floor)
  • Sections (at least 2)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations, including bathroom and kitchen
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Physical model (scale chosen by site planning group)
  • Representation of space, mass and materiality (this can include axonometric or perspective drawings, exploded axonometrics, rendered views, etc)

*All presentations are to be projected. Students should arrive early and have their presentations uploaded onto the computer before 2:30pm.

*Bring an 11×17 print out of your presentation to the final review to turn in for grading. By the next day (4/5), you should post an external link to your final project on our blog (for example, a file on “Box”).

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