Assignment 7


Due 2/14/13 (by start of class)

For Assignment 7 you will be creating massing studies. You will look at three options for 1 container, three options for 2 containers, and three options for 3 containers.

The shipping container dimensions:

Inside length Inside width Inside height Outside length Outside width Outside height
19’- 5” 7’-8” 8’-10” 20’-0” 8’-0” 9’-5”

In addition to the container size, you are able to use an additional 30% of the container area for additional construction. For example, one container is approximately 150 sq.ft, so you can add 45 sq.ft of built area to equal 195 sq.ft total for one container. The shipping container can be cut, and rotated horizontally,vertically, or at an angle. You can remove the short ends (8′) of the container, and up to 50% of the long sides (20′) can be removed.

You will be creating and posting three (3) 11×17 boards:

    • Board 1:  3 massing studies for 1 container
    • Board 2:  3 massing studies for 2 containers
    • Board 3:  3 massing studies for 3 containers

Each board should include the following:

  • Client: Family name; Architect: Your name
  • Diagrams showing each of the 3 configurations
  • Diagrams could include information on use of spaces, size of spaces, logic of massing, overall size of massing, simple description of massing, vectors that create or are created by massing, etc.
  • Include the list of spaces from your Assignment 6 Program, showing which spaces have been included and which have been left out.
  • Refer to the examples we looked at in class for strategies: 20130207_MassingStudySlides

The boards should each be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Try to keep the file size under 1mb.

The category for this post is “Post 7.” Post all three boards in one post, in the order of Board 1, Board 2, Board 3.  Also make sure to categorize the post under your own name.

For Thursday’s class, print out your Assignment 6 and Assignment 7 boards.

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